OCULUS Optikgeräte GmbH

Research and development

Development of complex instruments calls for earliest possible involvement of users and in-house production. In addition to traditional precision engineering and optics, electronics and software play an increasingly important role for ongoing and new development of ophthalmologic instruments.

Quality assurance and production

The high demands made on medical technology require extraordinary quality management in order to meet safety standards. The enterprise’s self-declared aspiration is to be the best and most reliable provider in the market. Each and every one of the employees acts according to the maxim:
OCULUS guarantees quality and progress.

International distribution and service

OCULUS is present at many domestic and international trade fairs, where it offers its domestic and foreign customers the opportunity to consult and gain information on its products and services. On the domestic market OCULUS is represented by its own competent, trained field staff. Two subsidiaries in the USA are serving to our customers in the Americas. Additional OCULUS subsidiaries are located in Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hong Kong and Spain. More than 300 qualified distributors offer OCULUS products in more than 80 countries all over the globe. Trained specialists are in charge of on-site sales and service.

Our network embraces the entire world.