OCULUS Surgical, Inc.

In the 1980s Wetzlar-based OCULUS Optikgeräte GmbH teamed up with Prof. Spitznas (the former director of the Ophthalmic Clinic at the University of Bonn) and Prof. Reiner (the former director of the Technical College for Ophthalmic Optics in Cologne) to develop the first non-contact wide-angle viewing system for vitreoretinal surgery: the SDI®/BIOM®. The OCULUS SDI®/BIOM® set a new global standard for vitreoretinal surgery performed using wide-angle viewing.

The system is the world market leader and is distributed in Germany directly by OCULUS. To improve care of its exclusive circle of customers – ophthalmic surgeons – OCULUS set up a special department called “OCULUS Surgical.” Ongoing improvement of existing products, trainings and distribution constitute the main tasks of this team of specialists.
The product range of the successful SDI®/BIOM® system is constantly expanding: in 2013 the new BIOM® ready was introduced, the world’s first disposable wide-angle viewing system. Disposable OCULUS-quality lenses, so-called BIOM® Optic Sets, round out the assortment of disposable products.

OCULUS products used for vitreoretinal surgery are sold all over the globe by some 100 qualified specialist distributors who also take care of the service needs of their international customers.

In April 2012 OCULUS Optikgeräte GmbH founded a subsidiary, OCULUS Surgical, Inc., in Florida, USA which now allows for direct distribution of the SDI®/BIOM® system in the USA. Direct contact between the manufacturer and its customers is thus ensured, as are prime product quality and fastest-possible service in America.