Binocular Indirect Ophthalmomicroscope

The BIOM® 5 is the ideal complement to the SDI® (Stereoscopic Diagonal Inverter). The BIOM® 5 enables wide-angle observation of the fundus during vitreous surgery. The observation unit BIOM®can be mounted in a matter of seconds and can be swung into the beam path when needed.

OCULUS BIOM® 5 setup

OCULUS BIOM® 5 setup

Efficiency meets function

Surgeons appreciate the easy handling of the new BIOM® 5. While observing the vitreous and the fundus, the BIOM® 5 is aligned coaxially with the operating microscope. During extraocular phases of surgery, it is swung out of the observation beam while the inverting action of the SDI® is neutralized:  automatically, by a surgeon controlled footswitch, or manually.


The convenience of automatic inversion provided by the SDI® 4c ensures the surgeon's view is always orientated properly. This is accomplished by OCULUS´ patented design, utilizing a fully autoclavable micro switch.

BIOM® 5c (with electronic focus)

When used with the SDI® 4c, the BIOM® 5c offers the convenience of electronic foot pedal focusing and intelligent and automatic image inversion. 

BIOM® Connecting Spacer

If your microscope already incorporates a stereoscopic diagonal inverter, you don’t have to miss out on the benefits of the OCULUS BIOM® 5c and BIOM® 5cl. Ask the OCULUS team about the BIOM® Connecting Spacer.

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Quote request for the BIOM® 5

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