Binocular Indirect Ophthalmomicroscope

The BIOM® 5 is the ideal complement to the SDI® (Stereoscopic Diagonal Inverter). The BIOM® 5 enables wide-angle observation of the fundus during vitreous surgery. The observation unit BIOM®can be mounted in a matter of seconds and can be swung into the beam path when needed.

OCULUS BIOM® 5 setup

OCULUS BIOM® 5 setup

Wide Variety of Lenses

Wide Field MiniHiRes90DWFEWiFi HDWiFi HD Mini
Part number536015360653604536025360353605
Max. observation angle (approx.)70°60°90°120°60° - 130°60° - 110°
Outer diameter12 mm19 mm19 mm19 mm20 mm17 mm
Steam autoclavable with max. temperature134° C134° C134° C134° C134° C134° C
Surface / materialamorphous carbon coatingamorphous carbon coatingamorphous carbon coatingamorphous carbon coatingquartz glassquartz glass
Featuresfor easy maneuverability of instruments in small and deep seated or infants´ eyeshigh magnifcation and best resolution of small structures intermediate fieldvery wide-fieldmost common BIOM® lens, high resolution combined with wide field of viewwide field of view with reduced diameter

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Quote request for the BIOM® 5

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